Our products are prescriptive and luxury, handcrafted from the purest raw ingredients and scientifically tailored to meet your individual needs. They arrive to you having been derived of the most potent, natural ingredients, relentlessly tested in our laboratories and packaged with the most meticulous care”

Our environment is our responsibility

Renewable energy: Our global head office is run on green electricity.
Carbon footprint: We have a carbon-neutral footprint through Europe. We have partnered with Greenfleet, Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets, to offer our customers the option to offset the emissions from their delivery. By ticking the box at the online checkout, our clients help to plant native trees and support reforestation projects around Australia. Find out more at greenfleet.org.au
Recycling: Our bottles are recyclable wherever possible. Plastics are divided into 7 categories and recycling them depends on your council. Simply look at the bottom of the product bottle to find which type of plastic is used (i.e. PET or PP) and check with your council. Our shipping products are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials and our marketing brochures use carbon neutral FSC 100% recycled paper.
Responsible sourcing: Many of our products rely on ‘controlled agriculture’ meaning that the way in which the ingredient is grown and harvested is sustainable. This covers many oils such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, etc. We also support fair trade for some of our ingredients.
Bio-degradable: All natural ingredients are bio-degradable. A lot of our synthetic ingredients are bio-degradable as well because of their bio-mimetic properties. Parabens, benzoic acid and natrium benzoate are for example synthetic but nature-identical and thus not harmful for the environment.

Colour with Care   

Colour with Care is a La Biosthetique initiative where every tube of colour sold will raise funds for the global non-for-profit organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors without Borders. This means that every time you do a colour in the salon you will be helping to provide critical support in the areas that need it the most, whether it is… 

  • Stopping the spread of infectious diseases
  • Giving malnourished children access to essential meals
  • Providing medical aid to those in disaster struck areas